Thank you. You’re the best. Mountain Rescue Charity.

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WOW, thank you so much for your amazing support for our charity project. It’s such a great success. You did that and raised (by now) the amount of 1.200 Euros for the Mountain Rescue Service in Schruns-Tchagguns (Montafon/Austria). Awesome! If nothing else we’re proud of the appreciation for our idea and the effort we’d put into it for making it … Read More

Great Expectations


When I put my race-car into hibernation two weeks ago, I never anticipated that I sort of swapped it with my old race-carvers. Not sure of that decision yet. The expectations were great for this winter. Probably too great. Back in the mountains, we already waxed our skis, bought the first seasons pass (yes, we normally need two different ones), … Read More

Support your Hero

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Sometimes we like to call the mountains our playground, but what if the fun and games suddenly turn serious? Ever thought about it? Actually, it’s pretty simple to get yourself in an emergency. A stupid crash, getting lost, aprupt change in the weather pattern or the mother of all nightmares: an avalanche occurs. If you can’t proceed any further without … Read More

Do more of what makes you happy.

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You ever known that feeling, nearly bursting with joy? Grinning at each other on top of a hard earned peak gets me there. Or shredding deep pow while it is still puking on a deep winters day. I have no idea why, but it makes me insanely happy. You think, it’s because there is stuff like endorphines and adrenaline involved? … Read More

If you can dream it, you can make it.

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What was planned for one season only developed into a new and functional way of life. But let’s start in the beginning: There was this dream, a dream of just skiing and nothing else for months – yeah, months as in plural – best in the Rockies. So much skiing, that maybe we get tired of it for a little … Read More