Great Expectations


When I put my race-car into hibernation two weeks ago, I never anticipated that I sort of swapped it with my old race-carvers. Not sure of that decision yet. The expectations were great for this winter. Probably too great.

Back in the mountains, we already waxed our skis, bought the first seasons pass (yes, we normally need two different ones), put new batteries in our avy beacons, checked the ABS systems and cartridge (does it have the same weight as last season?) and got everything else ready to go. There is only one thing missing… snow. Although the guys from the Silvretta Montafon resort are really good in preparing the pistes with artifical snow, we prefer the original good stuff. White powder, best in big dumps. Sorry Santa, but it’s Mother Hulda (or Ullr) we need here. It’s also this time again, when checking for snow and conditions on the wheather app is the first thing you do each morning. I’m doing that for two weeks now, but nothing ever changed. Nothing. At. All. So, what’s keeping the Nordstau? What’s going on?

The recent pics and vids from the US and Canada are not helping either. Nope. They’re like the pestering finger in a wound. I’m constantly torn between the green-eyed monster and the hopeful optimist. Whatever, there’s no use. We don’t have any snow, so we seek other activities like the year-end accounts (I’d love to procrastinate this in favor of skiing), bake some more christmas cookies, hiking (which earns me the stink eye from Dirk), and then there’s practicing and improving our carving skills. No, not wood, hard pistes! Or… we could do a powder chase to the Piemont valley, where all the european snow went. Sounds heavenly, but the downside are the 1000 km we need to drive. That’s not really worth the trouble for just two powdays. Or is it?

Right now I’m very grateful again for our double life, because it enables us to go skiing whenever we want to. Well, more or less. Mother Nature teaches us a lesson in patience right now. Not my strongest suit. But in the end there’ll be snow like it always has. Until then we keep calm and have a cup of jagertea. Cheers. Happy christmas everyone!

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