Thank you. You’re the best. Mountain Rescue Charity.

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WOW, thank you so much for your amazing support for our charity project. It’s such a great success. You did that and raised (by now) the amount of 1.200 Euros for the Mountain Rescue Service in Schruns-Tchagguns (Montafon/Austria). Awesome! If nothing else we’re proud of the appreciation for our idea and the effort we’d put into it for making it real.

A special thanks goes to the numerous social media supporters like Simon Schöpf from, Ralf Jirgens from and, Irene Walser from, Mario Amann from, Günter Griesser from and of course the Mountain Rescue Service itself.

We’d also like to thank the pro skiers Eva Walkner, Felix Wiemers, Fabian Lentsch and Matthias „Hauni“ Haunholder for their spontaneous support at the Freeride Film Festival in Cologne last November. Cheers!

Because we got a lot of inquiries after the end of the crowdfunding stage, we decided to continue the t-shirt project for you. Of course the sole beneficiary is still the Bergrettung Schruns-Tschagguns. We only changed the printing method of the shirts and hoodies a little, so they can be produced on-demand in small numbers. That makes them a little more expensive than before (2-3 Euros), but you’ll get them much faster.

So now when you’re wearing you new garment, you can tell whoever is interested about the people from the Mountain Rescue Service and their selfless commitment. About the real heroes you support, and who will be there for you, if you need them desperately.

You can reorder here:

We’d be soooooo happy to receive your pics, likes or comments about your new item on our Facebook or Instagram site, or just here. We hope you like them. Please tell us! We reward most popular post (number of likes) which shows a shirt pic. You can win one „I love Nordstau“ Posay T-Shirt. End of this promotion is February 19th 2017.

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