If you can dream it, you can make it.

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What was planned for one season only developed into a new and functional way of life. But let’s start in the beginning: There was this dream, a dream of just skiing and nothing else for months – yeah, months as in plural – best in the Rockies. So much skiing, that maybe we get tired of it for a little while. As if…

So the plan was a little time-out in the american or canadian snow. But it failed due to responsibilities of some incalculable work projects at the time. On a very short notice those projects suddenly finished in the end of October. so we quickly changed plans from a sabbatical in North America to an office-move to Vorarlberg in Austria. As self-employed freelancers we can work anywhere with an internet connection (#digitalnomad) and being an EU citizens it is easy to move within Europe.

We hit the jackpot with the apartment we found that late in Bludenz (Thank you W&W). That done, we already headed to Austria mid-December. Giddy as little kids we finally bought the pricey season passes for the Arlberg ski resort and in a spur-of-the-moment added each a second pass for the Montafon ski resort. Once in a lifetime… so we thought.

In that first winter we counted about 80 awesome ski days, maybe even more. I remember when one morning on our way to St. Anton Dirk realized that this was THE time of our life, here and now, and it was already half over. He got a little desperate there and I started wondering „Why only one season? What is stopping us making this our way of life?“ And so we began considering making this a constant in our life. One part of the answer came to us by our landlords, who offered us the apartment for another year. And then Dirk decided to change his profession from architecture towards real estate appraising. That gave us the needed territorial freedom. And here we are, in preparation for our 5th season in the Austrian Alps.

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